Big Questions in GI

This is an ever – evolving list of stuff that I feel still does not have a clear answer. If you disagree or have another one to contribute – hit me up on twitter or email (info at, and I’ll credit you.

  1. When do you scope a bleeder? (timing of endoscopy)
  2. Post-ERCP pancreatitis – does Indomethacin prevent it?
  3. How bad is Barrett’s and what’s the follow up for it?
  4. Alcoholic Hepatitis – Should we give Steroids?
  5. Are PPIs killing us all? or are they saving us all? (any mortality benefit? for bleeders?)
  6. Does screening for esophageal cancer make a difference?
  7. Are antibiotics necessary for most patients with Ischemic Colitis? ( I feel that everyone gets them)
  8. Do you need to stop anticoagulants for screening colonoscopy?
  9. Is AFP helpful  in screening for HCC.
  10. Does Chromoendoscopy work?
  11.  I don’t know? What else should be here?