Big Questions in GI

This is an ever – evolving list of stuff that I feel still does not have a clear answer. If you disagree or have another one to contribute – hit me up on twitter or email (info at, and I’ll credit you.

  1. When do you scope a bleeder? (timing of endoscopy)
  2. Post-ERCP pancreatitis – does Indomethacin prevent it?
  3. How bad is Barrett’s and what’s the follow up for it?
  4. Alcoholic Hepatitis – Should we give Steroids?
  5. Are PPIs killing us all? or are they saving us all? (any mortality benefit? for bleeders?)
  6. Does screening for esophageal cancer make a difference?
  7. Are antibiotics necessary for most patients with Ischemic Colitis? ( I feel that everyone gets them)
  8. Do you need to stop anticoagulants for screening colonoscopy?
  9. Is AFP helpful  in screening for HCC?
  10. Is screening for HCC in cirrhotics is even useful?
  11. Does Chromoendoscopy work?
  12.  I don’t know? What else should be here?
  13. Should you go in the middle of the night for a food bolus?